FILTRAY Point-of-use water filter faucet with shower outlet against legionella
  • Guaranteed effectiveness for 31 & 62 days and 3 months
  • Sterilizing-grade filtration that is effective against all bacteria
  • Filters validated for Legionella, Pseudomonas, Aspergillus
  • High flow rate and high physico-chemical resistance
  • Inline, shower head and tap filters
point of use filtration for hospitals





aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions terminal Point-of-Use water filters ensure water that is free from bacterial contamination.

In hospital environments, the water supply is monitored regularly to a great or lesser extent based on the use (hygienic, health care, consumption, medical usage, etc.) and the level of risk. The bacterial quality of the water (and air) is monitored especially carefully in high risk departments (burn units, grafts, oncology, hematology, etc.).

Water of varying qualities may be used:

• cold water: most often obtained from the public water supply network, cold water is not typically subjected to any type of treatment within an institution before being delivered to points of use;

• hot water: either stored or produced on demand separately from cold water, hot water is most often subjected to one or more treatments (softening, anti-scaling and anti-corrosion, minimal chlorination, etc.) before being delivered to points of use;

• lukewarm water: cold and hot water mixed at the point of use or upstream within the supply network;

• bacteriologically controlled water (cold, hot or lukewarm): provided separately from the network water supply, this water is of much better bacteriological quality due to treatments applied at the point of use (additional chlorination, UV irradiation, inline microfiltration, etc.). Terminal microfiltration using a removable filter is the most common method for physical treatment of this water.

aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions offers single-use removable filters to ensure the production of bacteriologically controlled water:

• level 1: clean water to be used for skin care, surgical scrubbing, rinsing endoscopes, etc. This water is delivered by non-sterile sterilizing-grade microfiltration devices;

• level 2: ultra-clean water intended for high-risk departments or for rinsing bronchoscopes. This water is delivered by sterile sterilizing-grade microfiltration devices.

aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions sterilizing-grade filters have an absolute pore size of 0.1 µm and are guaranteed effective for 31 & 62 days and 3 months.

Learn more about the technical features of our sterilizing-grade FILT'RAY 2G filters

FILT'RAY 2G Shower head Filter 31 & 62 days and 3 months.

FILT'RAY 2G Faucet Filter 31 & 62 days and 3 months.

FILT'RAY 2G In line Filter 31 & 62 days and 3 months.


aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions filters are class 1 medical devices. Before using these filters, familiarize yourself with technical and scientific features of each product (shower heads or taps, sterile and non-sterile, 31 & 62 days and 3 months). Before installing or uninstalling the filters, read the instructions carefully. Used filters should never be cleaned, sterilized or recycled, but must be incinerated. Contact us for more information.


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