FILTRAY 2G Point-of-use water filter showerhead against legionella
  • Filters last for 31 & 62 days and 3 months
  • Sterilizing-grade filtration: eliminates 100% of bacteria
  • Certified filters for Legionella pneumophila
  • High physico-chemical resistance
  • Resistant to clogging
  • High flow rate tubular membranes
anti-legionella protection for public buildings





aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions proposes FILT'RAY 2G Point-of-Use filter, faucet, shower, inline - disposable water filter - for risk reduction from legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

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Approved for 31 & 62 days and 3 months (extended life up).

Single use 31 days Single use 62 days Single use 3 months

In any public buildings, production of hot water systems must undergo routine maintenance and monitoring to prevent or eliminate the appearance of biofilms or Legionella. To accomplish this, preventative and corrective procedures must be put in place (see below).

When routine (required) analyses indicate elevated levels of in Legionella sp. or Legionella pneumophilia (or other live aerobic micro-organisms), the responsible parties are alerted. The manager of the public building or the legal owner of the facility must then proceed to:

• conduct a more in-depth risk assessement analysis: confirm the level of contamination, identify the points of use involved, evaluate the vulnerability of the users, record the number of cases, etc.;

• protect users if the risk is judged to be significant (concentration of Legionella pneumophilia greater than 1000 CFU/L).

Installing anti-Legionella showerhead and tap filters is an effective and immediate response, among other corrective measures that are equally essential (see below). This ensures that the sanitary quality of water for users conforms to regulatory requirements. Protection using terminal filters is recommended as an immediate solution for an outbreak and for long term clinical areas housing immune compromised patients.

aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions sterilizing-grade filters have a fixed porosity of 0.1 µm, which guarantees complete elimination of all cellular micro-organisms (bacteria, yeast, molds, algae, etc.), including Legionella pneumophilia and other waterborne pathogens. The filters have been shown to be effective for up to 31 & 62 days and 3 months.

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Anti-Legionella measures for public buildings

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